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Office: 32085 Resita, Piata T.Vuia 1-4 corp E, cam E2, Caras Severin
Telefon: +40741250670
Cod fiscal: 11434889
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pentru Resurse Umane şi Dezvoltare Durabilă
Generosity and continuous and profound understanding of human species;
Respect for creation and for human dignity
Consequence in keeping the original culture, maintaining continuity between traditional and new;
Love to the close ones that do not measure the person only after his utility, giving equal chances to everyone;
Education, civilization being in risk to stop from lack of it;
Conscience and action liberty, democracy component, that can lead to civil society development  

Are here for the ones that wish good to the Earth
Promote “unity and diversity”
Sustain the society we leave in
Always make a step ahead
Promote sustainable development and its implications
Promote “unity and diversity”
Founded in 1998, Activity Foundation brought together and promoted individualities with different preoccupations with the desire of  
sustaining the Romanian civil society, individualities that mix practical experience and academically perspective.
This aspect is maintained not only by the ACTIVITY Foundation status but also by all the actions and rolled projects.
Sustain the society we leave in
Our objectives focused on, research and education are meant to provide the necessary frame to the foundation projects in which we search  
welfare by accumulating capital.
In this way, the digital capital as an example is the most efficient and adequate way for this kind of objectives, but not the purpose itself.
Foundation has the goal to reunite human energies able to help promoting modern coordonates at the Romanian social capital; in this way  
we opened and sustained different projects.
Also each project that we initiated by the foundation completes the modern IT support with the value of ideas and the personal information  
of the involved human resources.
Always make a step ahead
Foundation has a solid portfolio of programs and projects, with a current activity sustained which situates the organization in the big  
organizations family involved in promoting educational programs in Romania.
We offer our members and the ones that want the opportunity of developing not only the social skills but also to create the necessary  
professional flexibility, generated by the knowledge through permanent education.
This opening received through continuous education comes from the importance between analytical methods and team work.  
Starting with a quality analises going through quantity analyses supported by mathematical shaping and optimizing the project by social  
utilities criteria, our concept give the members  and partners good ways to support a project now and in the future.
a) Promotes the initiatives that target equal chances through education and developing some methods of implementation of the  
educational reform that can be used at national level;
b) Promotes sustainable development;
c) Promotes and sustains initiatives meant to offer each one equal chances for practicing and affirmation in all areas professional,  
scientific, cultural, social and political;
d) Sustains social protection actions and place own activities of material and moral support for all categories of persons in need:  
children, young people, including the ones intellectually equipped, mothers without income, unemployed, sick and lonely old people;
e) Partnerships, changing of opinions and information with similar organizations from Romania and international associations with  
similar profile.
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