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pentru Resurse Umane şi Dezvoltare Durabilă
Focus on traditional arts as a means of economic development

ACTIVITY Foundation as lead partner, Municipality of Veliko Gradiste Serbia and City Moldova Noua develop this project, financed by  Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme , Priority Axis 3, Measure 3.3.

General objective:
- Cross-border cooperation, mutual understand with impact on valorisation the historical and cultural common heritage to the two areas of the project.
The specific objectives are: revitalizing local artisan crafts and develop creative skills of the population in the border region for an easier access to the labor market area.

Planed activities:

WP1 - Project Management

This WP integrates project activities of planning, accompanying and monitoring. It will be lead by the project coordinator supported by the Steering Committee that includes a representative of each partner. The coordinator will be responsible for performing the co-ordination activities, namely: acting as the intermediary between the participants and the EC for all communications including project reporting, cost statements, monitoring project activities, ensuring deliverables, for distributing funding, etc.

WP2 - Quality Assurance and Evaluation

This WP is dedicated to the planning of the process of quality assurance of the approach and results of the project. It will be accomplished through a continuous process of monitoring WPs’ progress, internal and external evaluation and products test.

WP3 - Development of the tender Process

WP4 - Content and Activity Development

WP5 - Motivation and Training

This WP corresponds to the implementation of the prototype of the training phase.

WP6 - Dissemination

The results of this WP are aimed at direct dissemination among the target audience (website, publicity elements, and newsletter) but also to institutions possibly interested in replicating the model, such as training organizations and institutions related with the promotion of new businesses.

WP7 - Valorization and Exploitation of Results

This WP consists on the determination of processes of multiplication and generalization of the results achieved in the project, either by widening the geographic scope of project and its possible commercial exploration.
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